Well, here goes!

My name is Claire, I live in North East of England, lovely sunny Teesside to be accurate.  The main reason I wanted to set this all up was to express my thoughts, opinions and experiences on two topics I am extremely passionate about;

Mental Health  (I am a sufferer of depression; current status – severe)

Fitness (I am currently training to be a Personal Trainer)

I  am not one for massive introductions, in fact the whole idea of a blog terrified me! I always thought I was not one for using my words well when expressing myself, however I am proud to admit my “resting bitch face” is top notch! Following some feedback from friends on my Instagram posts and from my daily updates on the RED January page, I thought I would take the leap into the unknown. At the end of the day, if no one reads this, which to be honest I would be pretty damn impressed/shocked if anyone did, at least I can tell my counsellor I am using my own techniques of therapy. Every cloud and all that jazz!

You may have noticed the sheer amount of red balloons featured all over my page? Well there is a reason for this,  other than the fact that my page is called REDBalloons, obviously.
In other metaphors, balloons are used to symbolise the “letting go” of things, be it emotions, worries, stresses, etc. I understand this completely, it makes perfect sense, but in my usual way of having to be different, I have a different perception of how I look at balloons, in a metaphorical sense. Recently, I feel like I have lost control of my balloons. My attention wandered and a strong gust of wind blew them out my hand. Just like that. I lost control of pretty much every aspect of my life. It terrified me. In fact it terrifies me. I have always been independent, in control, following a plan of some sort, living from lists and diary entries and such. I love living like that, it feeds my logical and realistic mind. I know where I am, where I should be, what I should be doing and what I need at any given time. Each aspect of my life has been allocated a balloon.  I need to try my hardest to get them all back. When you lost a balloon as a child, you always chased it, as far as you physically could, you always wanted to catch it and keep it close. There is a risk of it floating away, the same way there is a risk that certain elements of my life have now “floated away” and there is no way of them being how they were.
So, there you have it, the brief explanation of the balloon part of things. Now the RED part, that is the best and most brilliant part. That is my happy part, the part dedicated to an amazing group of people, who although I have only “known” since I started my RED January challenge on 1st January 2017. In addition, ultimately it links in with all my fitness posts too.
I can’t promise everything I write will be good, funny or whatever. One thing I can say is it will be honest and true to me. I will swear, I am blunt, I dont think before I speak so if you are easily offended I apologise now.
CC xx